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Professional measurements for successful remodeling projects


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Free in-home measurements from Personal Touch Flooring

We understand the seriousness of even small measurement errors, that’s why we offer free in-home measurements to homeowners who have picked out what products they want. Personal Touch Flooring has been offering free in-home measurements for residential and commercial customers in Poughkeepsie, Pleasant Valley, Lagrangeville, Hyde Park, Hopewell Junction and other nearby New York communities for many years. During this time, we have frequently been called in to correct the in-home measurement errors made by amateurs and do-it-yourselfers that had costly, time consuming results. When all was said and done, we learned that it just makes good sense to allow experienced professionals to provide your in-home measurements. Here’s why that’s so very important:

Precise in-home measurements prevent unpleasant problems later

While it seems easy enough to takeout a tape measure to record a room’s floor area accurately, you’ll probably be surprised to know how many people don’t get it done correctly. Some people don’t use the proper tools, while still others don’t understand what the numbers actually mean. Incorrect in-home measurements can be a costly problem just waiting to happen. This is especially true if inaccurate measurements result in ordering the incorrect amount of flooring product so that there isn’t enough to finish your new flooring project.
Free In-Home Measurement in Poughkeepsie, NY area from Personal Touch Flooring Inc
Personal Touch Flooring can’t afford to obtain inaccurate residential or commercial flooring area measurements wrong, so we don’t. Doing this would damage our professional reputation negatively and also waste the customer’s time and money. When you select us to measure your home during your free in-home measurement service, we will provide you with all the information required to make the proper choices for your project. These measurements will be exactly right, whether they are used for carpet, hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl or any other flooring product. When you choose Personal Touch Flooring to do your free in-home measurements you can depend on:
  • Complete accuracy - We will precisely measure all necessary areas in your home or business.
  • Professionals will make your measurements - Only our experienced, licensed flooring specialists will do your measuring.
  • Flexible time schedules - We know understand busy you may be, so we create a flexible meeting schedule that suits your family’s needs.
  • Helpful project advice - We provide you with professional advice on how to continue moving ahead with your remodeling project.
  • Quality – Personal Touch Flooring helps you select excellent high-quality materials at affordable prices.

For more information on Personal Touch Flooring’s free in-home measurements, please call us, e-mail us. Or stop in at our Poughkeepsie, NY showroom at your convenience to discuss your free in-home measurement service and set up an appointment to get started.